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Trust in Mr. Tenenbaum.

Going into my senior year in college I made a terrible choice. I chose to drink and drive and on top of that I got caught. With haste I looked up attorneys who specialized in DUI cases, and Mr. Tenenbaum was the quickest to respond. Not only did he respond quickly he listened to my case and made me feel comfortable in such a terrible situation. He shows true sincerity and values each client as a person not a criminal. Mr. Tenenbaum was very clear and concise about the following steps that were to happen in my trial. He made sure that I was going to be able to attend university with a little peace at mind knowing he would be representing me in all future court dates(criminal and DMV). During the process he was very transparent on what was happening during court. If he was not able to speak to me personally his paralegal who is also very informed would assist me in any questions I had. Mr. Tenenbaum was very honest about the probable outcome of my hearing but assured me he would try to reach the best possible outcome. Even after all that was said and done with Mr. Tenenbaum went above and beyond and assured me he would get this prior expunged from my record, and he delivered! After a few years I contacted him again and we went over the details on how the process works, and he still shows true sincerity and care for his clients. To all future clients, you can put your trust in Mr. Tenenbaum he will go above and beyond and fight for you. I highly recommend Attorney Tenenbaum. Best Regards.G.G.

Highly Recommend

To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this letter of recommendation as a testament to the professionalism, courtesy and competence extended by Mr. Jeffery Tenenbaum, Attorney at Law. I found myself in a situation that could have ended my professional career and potentially destroyed everything that I worked so hard to attain. I was contacted by the local police and notified that I could be charged with a possible Felony. I never thought that I would be placed in such a difficult situation. I didn’t know where to go or who to contact for help. After speaking with the police I immediately contacted Mr. Tenenbaum who promptly returned my phone call with instructions after a brief interview over the phone. It was Mr. Tenenbaum that truly understood my situation and circumstances. Quite honestly, Mr. Tenenbaum was the only one who listened, evaluated and provided the appropriate guidance in this difficult and unfortunate circumstance. In short, Mr. Tenenbaum believed me when others didn’t. Mr. Tenenbaum was patient and understanding. He was very insightful and knowledgeable in the area of Law (representation) that I needed. He was confident and always communicated directly with me. What struck me most about Mr. Tenenbaum was his honesty. I asked the possible consequences of my actions and he did not hesitate to tell me the exact number of years that I could be facing. No one ever wants to hear six to seven years. No one ever wants to be placed in a situation beyond their control. However, if you are reading this letter of recommendation then you are looking for guidance and assistance as it relates to the law and possible consequences to family and property. If you need a lawyer who is committed, confident and knowledgeable; I highly recommend Mr. Tenenbaum. Best Regards, JK P.S. Charges were dismissed!!

Great Lawyer

I found Mr. Tenenbaum to be a very compassionate, trustworthy and dedicated attorney. He really knows the law and worked hard to help us navigate through the justice system. He and his staff were very responsive to our needs and treated us with the utmost respect at all times. I was pleased with the outcome of my daughter’s case. He really helped my family through a tough time. I would highly recommend Mr. Tenenbaum to anyone in need of a good attorney.

Knowledgeable & Responsive

Mr. Tenenbaum represented me in a criminal defense matter one year ago. He made all of the court appearances on my behalf, and half of the charges against me were dismissed. I would recommend this Great Lawyer and would use him again if i had the need of an attorney.

Someone To Put Your Faith In

I am pleased to be writing a review for such an outstanding attorney! My Husband was falsely accused of some terrible crimes which could have resulted in him spending the rest of his life in prison. Mr. Tenenbaum went above and beyond in his pursuit for the truth. Throughout this extremely stressful process Mr. Tenenbaum kept me informed and was honest about possible outcomes of the case. The amount of dedication he invested in proving my Husband’s innocence was monumental. I feel as though Mr. Tenenbaum treated my family as more than just clients and exceeded my expectations of an attorney times ten. Though the process was stressful and emotionally draining the words “not guilty” when spoken at my Husband’s trial were the most beautiful words I have ever heard. Watching Mr. Tenenbaum in action during the closing statements of my Husband’s trial was exhilarating. He has this innate ability to connect with everyone involved, most importantly the jury. He is confident in his presentation, fluid in his speech, and is relatable and likeable. Mr. Tenenbaum literally gave us our lives back. I highly recommend his services to anyone. Mr.Tenenbaum is an attorney you can put your faith in. Thank you so much Mr.Tenenbaum words can not express how grateful we are!!

Outstanding Attorney

I found Jeffrey Tenenbaum to be dedicated and honest, a well seasoned attorney who knows his stuff. He always responds to inquires quickly. He is a trustworthy man who won’t let you down. It was a wise decision to have him on the case. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Mr. Tenenbaum is An Excellent Lawyer

Mr. Tenenbaum is an excellent lawyer. This was the second time in my life that I was in the position of needing a lawyer. I was involved in a legal issue in Merced but I live out of state now. Mr. Tenenbaum was responsive, calming, decisive and fair. He was honest in explaining the local process and did not try to paint a pretty picture but gave me an honest assessment of the possible outcomes of the case. I felt he was responsive to questions I had and willing to hang in there until the final resolution of the case. I highly recommend him as a lawyer and if I am in need of a lawyer in Merced again, he is the first one I will call.

Mr. Tenenbaum vs Possible Life Sentence

My son was charged with some very serious crimes. At the time we did not know who to turn to, whom we could trust, in general we were at a loss. We finally ended up with Mr. Tenenbaum. From day one he was on his game. He took the time needed to quickly get up to speed on the facts of our case. He took charge and gave us a specific plan of action. Mr Tenenbaum truly took on the role of the attorney by handling the day to day ongoings. This allowed us to return to as much of a normal lifestyle as possible. As months turned to years we gained hope. However he was always cautious so as not to move too fast to overlook any small detail. For obvious reasons I chose not to disclose the details of the final outcome, however I will say we could not be happier and relieved with the final results. I would highly recommend Mr Tenenbaum. He has the ability to take an objective view and the instincts to offer sound advice. This case began more than two years ago. We had no idea what the final outcome could be we only knew what we believed the conclusion should be. Dreams do come true and second chances do happen! Thank you Mr Tenenbaum you saved my son’s life!

Mr. Tenenbaum Gave Us Hope

For anyone who is looking for the right lawyer, I can assure you Mr. Tenenbaum is the guy! I know this because he represented my boyfriend about a month ago. My boyfriend got in some REALY BAD trouble while out one night, and got locked up. He had a job he was going to lose after missing so many days, and needed to be home for so many reasons, one of them being i missed him greatly! When i met Mr. Tenenbaum I knew he was the guy for the job! He always kept my boyfriend’s mother and i informed, and kept us updated with all new information, but most importantly he got him out quickly, and got a lot of the charges dropped. Mr.Tenenbaum was very trustworthy on his word, he told us he was going to get Michael out that day and did, he got him home! Jeffrey Tenenbaum is a sharp and knowledgeable man at work. I recommend him to anyone he will give you hope as he has done for me. Thank you so much Mr. Tenenbaum!! You are a good man and a very great lawyer!

Mother of Adult Child (formerly in trouble)

I first met Jeffrey Tenenbaum when he was the attorney for my daughter who was involved with drugs. I was very impressed how he treated me even though most people made me feel like it was my fault my daughter got mixed up with the wrong people in her early adult life. He treated me with respect and explained all the legal proceedings to me as they were happening. When it was time for my daughter to get out of jail, Mr. Tenenbaum helped me get my daughter the treatment she needed to get back on the right path. He was very helpful in getting her to a rehab program outside of the area and away from her so called friends. I am very happy to report that with Mr. Tenenbaum’s help, my daughter is now having a successful career and nobody knows about her past unless she chooses to tell them. As soon as she was eligible, went back to Merced County Court to have all her charges expunged. I really feel that if we didn’t have Mr. Tenenbaum as my daughter’s attorney, her successful story would probably have turned out a lot differently. Mr. Tenenbaum was able to see my daughter was serious about helping herself and he treated her as a person that needed some guidance, not just another person on meth. Our whole family is grateful for the long way my daughter has come from being on the lower end of society to having a successful career. We can’t recommend Mr Tenenbaum enough!

Would Definitely Recommend

He was very informative and helpful on the options that I had in my cases. I was sentenced to a drug program. Upon completion of the program and probation, Mr. Tenenbaum petitioned to the court to have my charges expunged from my record. He was very helpful to me during this whole time. I would definitely use him, if I ever needed him again in the future.

Unbelievable Results

I started with Mr. Tenenbaum a few years back. At first I was just a dope addict with no where in life to go. After a few cases as a defendant of Jeffrey’s he started to want me to succeed. He got me into the Delancey Street Foundation. Two years later, a life changing had taken place. I had turned my life around completely. I had not been able to stay clean long enough to see clearly until Jeffrey handed me the opportunity. His skills in court allowed him to convince the judge to see the law system for what it should be, a second chance a way to change. To many lawyers just collect money a use the law and jails to their advantage. It is really pleasing to find someone who is noble now days. My hat is off to this man as yours will be too if a chance is given.

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