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Juvenile Crimes


Our Merced Juvenile Crime Lawyers Can Protect Your Child

Juvenile crime may seem like a “kids will be kids” area of law, but it can be seriously damaging to the future of your child. You do not want your child to spend time incarcerated with actual juvenile delinquents; sometimes kids are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. You need an attorney who has experience dealing with the California juvenile justice system.

Tenenbaum Law Firm has helped many families deal with juvenile charges in a way that allows the child to move forward with his or her life. We want to help you keep your child out of trouble and out of juvenile hall. Contact our Merced juvenile crimes lawyer online today to discuss your child’s unique circumstances.

Passionate Advocacy for Your Child, Inside and Outside of Court

When a child is arrested, he or she will be put in a holding facility temporarily. One of the first things that our lawyers will do for you is to help get your child out of a lockup. If your child has been charged, we will work our hardest to get your child a chance to clear his or her record through good behavior and rehabilitation programs. Our team can also assist in sealing records so he or she will not be haunted by his or her mistakes when applying for jobs or schools. Avoiding incarceration and protecting your child's future are our ultimate goals.

Common juvenile charges that our firm has handled include:

Many juvenile crimes are the result of a severe lack of judgment, not serious criminal intent. Our firm wants to make sure that your child receives the second chance at life that he or she deserves.

Reach Our Merced Juvenile Defense Firm, 24/7

At Tenenbaum Law firm, we are dedicated to the safety and well-being of your children. We have over two decades of experience dealing with all juvenile criminal matters, and we know how to listen and respond to the unique circumstances of your child's situation. When seeking a resolution to your charges, we work our hardest to propose alternatives to incarceration so your child can receive the second change he or she deserves.

We offer complimentary case evaluations at no cost to you. 
Call us to speak with a member of our team. 

We have received appreciation from numerous clients for our effective defense. Read client testimonials here

"My son was charged with some very serious crimes. At the time we did not know who to turn to, whom we could trust, in general we were at a loss. We finally ended up with Mr. Tenenbaum. From day one he was on his game. He took the time needed to quickly get up to speed on the facts of our case. He took charge and gave us a specific plan of action. Mr Tenenbaum truly took on the role of the attorney by handling the day to day ongoings. This allowed us to return to as much of a normal lifestyle as possible.

As months turned to years we gained hope. However he was always cautious so as not to move too fast to overlook any small detail. For obvious reasons I chose not to disclose the details of the final outcome, however I will say we could not be happier and relieved with the final results. I would highly recommend Mr Tenenbaum. He has the ability to take an objective view and the instincts to offer sound advice. This case began more than two years ago. We had no idea what the final outcome could be we only knew what we believed the conclusion should be. Dreams do come true and second chances do happen! Thank you Mr Tenenbaum you saved my son’s life!"

"I found Mr. Tenenbaum to be a very compassionate, trustworthy and dedicated attorney. He really knows the law and worked hard to help us navigate through the justice system. He and his staff were very responsive to our needs and treated us with the utmost respect at all times. I was pleased with the outcome of my daughter’s case. He really helped my family through a tough time. I would highly recommend Mr. Tenenbaum to anyone in need of a good attorney."