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Sex Crimes


Facing Charges for a Sex Crime?

Conviction for sexual assault carries with it the very real threat of jail time, mandatory sex offender registration, and a very negative social stigma that can follow you for life. Do not face sex charges without an experienced attorney to represent you.

At Tenenbaum Law Firm, our track record as a defense law firm is outstanding. Do not let a conviction for a sex crime ruin your life. We can help you fight back against these devastating criminal charges you're facing. You can feel confident in our proven track record of success.

Thousands of Criminal Cases Handled

Do not underestimate the seriousness of a sex crime conviction. Registering as a sex offender will strip you of your privacy, your dignity, and more than likely impact your future employment prospects. Mounting a strong defense right away is imperative. At Tenenbaum Law Firm, we will do everything we can to help you avoid the consequences of a sex crimes conviction.

We represent people facing a range of misdemeanor and felony sex crimes charges, including:

  • Child Molestation
  • Child Pornography
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Rape
  • Secual Assault
  • Statutory Rape

Sex crimes cases require a huge amount of investigation, as we piece together the relationships involved and explore all the information available. We want to make sure that the evidence is free of false accusations. We use all of our resources to get to the bottom of your case and put you in the right position for achieving a positive outcome.

If you have already been convicted, but have completed your rehabilitation regimen, it is possible for a court to grant you an expungement or certificate of rehabilitation. Our law firm can provide you with the details.

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Experienced, methodical investigation and aggressive criminal defense are two important aspects of the Tenenbaum Law Firm strategy. To better serve the needs of our clients, which could arise at any given moment, we make ourselves available to them 24/7.

Testimonial from client's mother for regarding sexual allegations that were not true:

"My son was charged with some very serious crimes. At the time we did not know who to turn to, whom we could trust, in general we were at a loss. We finally ended up with Mr. Tenenbaum. From day one he was on his game. He took the time needed to quickly get up to speed on the facts of our case. He took charge and gave us a specific plan of action. Mr Tenenbaum truly took on the role of the attorney by handling the day to day ongoings. This allowed us to return to as much of a normal lifestyle as possible.

As months turned to years we gained hope. However he was always cautious so as not to move too fast to overlook any small detail. For obvious reasons I chose not to disclose the details of the final outcome, however I will say we could not be happier and relieved with the final results. I would highly recommend Mr Tenenbaum. He has the ability to take an objective view and the instincts to offer sound advice. This case began more than two years ago. We had no idea what the final outcome could be we only knew what we believed the conclusion should be. Dreams do come true and second chances do happen!

Thank you Mr Tenenbaum. You saved my son’s life!"

If you have been charged with a sex crime, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation . ¡Hablamos español!