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Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Merced?

If you have an arrest warrant issued against you, it is essential that you speak with our experienced Merced criminal defense attorneys about your options. Simply ignoring the matter won't make the warrant go away or make matters any easier. Your rights and future are in jeopardy. Take action by turning to our reliable legal team at Tenenbaum Law Firm.

Arrest Warrants vs. Bench Warrants

Many people believe that bench warrants and arrest warrants are the same thing, but there is a clear distinction between the two. Bench warrants are issued in situations when an individual fails to appear in court in a required court hearing.

Arrest warrants, on the other hand, are issued when a person poses a "risk of flight." These kinds of warrants can be issued by law enforcement or prosecutors.

How Tenenbaum Law Firm Can Help

As soon as you turn to us for assistance, we will roll up our sleeves and begin working on creating a personalized strategy tailored to fit your case. After first confirming that there is an arrest warrant against you, we can arrange for your case to be heard in court or look into having bond made available to you. In some instances, arrest warrants are dismissed simply by filing a speedy trial motion because too much time has passed since the warrant was issued.

Ready to benefit from our defense?

  • We have more than 10 years of legal experience.
  • We are seasoned trial lawyers.
  • We are up-to-date on the latest developments in criminal law.
  • We have represented thousands of clients in a wide range of criminal cases.
  • We have tackled some of the most high-profile cases in our community.

Take the First Step Today By Requesting a Free Evaluation!

You shouldn't have to live in fear over the possibility of being arrested. Please call us as soon as possible to allow us to begin working towards a favorable resolution on your behalf.