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Drug Crimes


Drug crimes are serious offenses in California. Depending on where an arrest took place, what the suspect was doing at the time and the quantity of drugs in their possession, the possible punishments can range from a small fine to 20 years or more in prison. Having an experienced Merced criminal defense attorney on your side can make all the difference.

If you have been charged with a drug offense, our experienced drug possession attorney can help. Do not let a drug conviction ruin your life. We can help you fight back against these devastating criminal charges.

Experienced Representation to Defend Your Rights

Our criminal defense law firm has more than two decades of legal experience handling a wide range of criminal matters, including those related to drug crimes. As soon as you turn to us for help, our Merced drug defense attorney will hear your version of events, evaluate the evidence, and develop a defensive strategy for your case. We rely on the most qualified expert witnesses, our experience in the field, and our aggressive approach to negotiate a plea deal or get a good result at trial.

At Tenenbaum Law Firm, we provide defense against a variety of drug crimes, including:

  • Cultivation of Marijuana
  • Manufacture of Illegal Drugs
  • Possession of Illegal Drugs
  • Possession with Intent to Sell
  • Prescription Drug Fraud
  • Transportation of Illegal Drugs
  • Under the Influence of Illegal Drugs

We pride ourselves in providing top-notch legal representation to our clients. We know how stressful facing criminal charges can be, which is why we make ourselves available 24/7. The needs of our clients are our top priority.

This level of dedication has led to numerous glowing client testimonials, such as this one: 

"I first met Jeffrey Tenenbaum when he was the attorney for my daughter who was involved with drugs. I was very impressed how he treated me even though most people made me feel like it was my fault my daughter got mixed up with the wrong people in her early adult life. He treated me with respect and explained all the legal proceedings to me as they were happening. When it was time for my daughter to get out of jail, Mr. Tenenbaum helped me get my daughter the treatment she needed to get back on the right path. He was very helpful in getting her to a rehab program outside of the area and away from her so called friends.

I am very happy to report that with Mr. Tenenbaum’s help, my daughter is now having a successful career and nobody knows about her past unless she chooses to tell them. As soon as she was eligible, went back to Merced County Court to have all her charges expunged. I really feel that if we didn’t have Mr. Tenenbaum as my daughter’s attorney, her successful story would probably have turned out a lot differently. Mr. Tenenbaum was able to see my daughter was serious about helping herself and he treated her as a person that needed some guidance, not just another person on meth.

Our whole family is grateful for the long way my daughter has come from being on the lower end of society to having a successful career. We can’t recommend Mr Tenenbaum enough!"
-- Mother of Previous Client

Facing Drug Charges? Call to Discuss Your Case For Free!

Do not allow drug charges to cost you your freedom. You need sound legal advice and aggressive representation in court to protect your rights. At Tenenbaum Law Firm, our drug trafficking defense lawyers have the experience required to effectively make your case.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for the results-driven legal representation you need.